Welcome to the Madison Area Aquatic Hobbyist Auctions website! This site is for the members of Madison Area Aquatic Hobbyists (MAAH) and people local to the Madison, WI area.

This is a fundraiser for MAAH. We take 20% of the sale price. We use our funds to pay speakers for their time, venue rental expenses (for in person meetings), insurance, events, and other administrative expenses. Please do not try to circumvent the system to avoid paying fees, for example, by selling one item on the site and offering additional items at the winning price for sale off site. If you do attempt to avoid fees in any way, you will be removed and banned from the site without recourse.

Because of the online format, sales tax must be collected and paid by the club and will be added onto the winning bid, to be paid by the buyer. Buyer also pays the Paypal fees (2.9% + .30 per transaction)

PLEASE – Watch the “User Guides” before registering and adding items to the auction. You are told step by step what to fill in and what the rules are.

I will summarize the main points here, but you will be asked to change your entries if you enter items incorrectly, so watch the videos.

  • No Reserves
  • No Min Bid
  • Bid increment – Leave this blank
  • Starting bid is $5
  • The September 2020 auction runs from 7pm Friday Sept 18 to 7pm Friday Sept 25. The “Add Items” function is set in military time so 7pm is 12 + 7 = 19:00
  • Please indicate how you intend to get items to the buyers
  • Please include both your phone number and email on the Support page when setting up your store.

Here are the general auction rules:


  • Each item being sold must have the seller’s name listed in the description
  • Each seller is limited to a maximum of 15 lots per auction.
  • Only 2 lots of the same species(or variants of a species) or non-live goods may be entered per seller.
  • All fish must be bagged properly: Ziplock bags or breather bags are not acceptable for fish or invertebrate entries.
  • Buckets with a bag liner and closing lid are acceptable for large fish.
  • Labels are required for all items being sold. Each label should be clearly written or typed, and have the following information: Species of fish or invertebrate, or description of non-live item.
  • Quantity of item.
  • Seller’s contact information.
  • Give Delivery options in description.


  • Live fish that are in good health, identifiable, and at least 1 inch in length. For dwarf species, entries must be at least ½ inch in length.
  • Live invertebrates that are in good health and are identifiable.
  • Live plants that are in good health, identifiable and free of algae.
  • Live food cultures.
  • Aquarium or pond equipment and decorations which are in good condition and are clean.


  • Used gravel or sand substrates.
  • Lots consisting solely of Lemna (duckweed) and/or Azolla (mosquito fern) species.
  • Opened containers or out-of-date consumable products (food, medications, fertilizers, etc.).
  • Items not related to aquariums or ponds.
  • Anything that is prohibited or restricted by the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources (DNR). This includes, but is not limited to, certain species of fish, invertebrates, and plants. NO CRAYFISH ARE PERMITTED.


If you wish to donate proceeds for any of your entries being sold in the auction, be sure to include the word “Donation” in the description AND check the box marked “Donation”.

MOST OF THE ITEMS ON THIS SITE CANNOT BE SHIPPED. The seller will indicate how he, she or they feel most comfortable delivering their items in their description. If they do not – ask before bidding.